Tinjauan Produktivitas Penelitian Dengan Topik Doodle Art


  • Wahyu Kurnia Dewi Bina Nusantara University




tinjauan, produktivitas, penelitian, doodle art


Doodling is one of the activities carried out by humans since ancient times. Doodling becomes a form of expression of ideas that visualized so become a meaningful text. Until now, doodling has become one of the popular activities carried out under the term doodle art. Doodle art is one type of illustration that is trending today. However, research with a focus on mapping research on the topic of doodle art itself is still rarely carried out. Thus this research is carried out to map research topics related to doodle art so that it can find research gaps and states of the art that can be used in the future by other researchers. The method used is through a data visualization analysis approach. The result of this research is that there are still large research opportunities related to doodle art to be developed in Indonesia, especially in the field of visual communication design.