Penerapan Teori Golden Section Pada Foto Landscape Pantai Di Gunungkidul


  • Nofria Doni Fitri Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa dan Desain Visi Indonesia
  • R. Hadapiningrani K Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa dan Desain Visi Indonesia



Landscape, Golden section, DSLR camera


Technical problems in the digital photography era have now been
overcome by the sophistication of cameras. The problem that
technology cannot solve is the composition of the image.
Composition is a skill that requires an understanding of
photographic objects, visual elements, and artistic experience.
Composition is related to the placement of objects and how to build a
flow of view in viewing photos that have an impact on the impression
of the photo. The decision to press the camera's shutter button is a
consideration of composition, and is not easily understood by
students or beginners who are just learning photography. So that
with knowledge of the composition of this golden section,
photographers can produce more optimal work. Careful at every
visual element that exists, skilled in arranging objects so that better
visuals are created. Super-sophisticated camera technology cannot
search for objects on its own, therefore this research is offered. The
Golden Section Theory has been successfully applied to the field of
architecture in the 5th century BC and in the field of painting during
the renessance era. In this study, the author tries to apply this
formula to determine the main object (center of attention) in a beach
scene photo in Gunungkidul in 2: 3 image format or the default
DSLR camera format.