Identifikasi Anatomi Aksara Lampung


  • Refita Ika Indrayati Institut Teknologi Sumatera
  • Namuri Migotuwio Institut Teknologi Sumatera



Lampung Script, Indonesian Local Script, Typography


Writing system in a form of script is an integral part of
communication. Its existence enabling history, idea and knowledge
to spread beyond one’s land and passed from one generation to the
other. As a part of Indonesian culture, Lampung script of Had
Lampung must be preserved. But in reality, the usage of this script is
fading from society. The difficult writing system and wide-spread
usage of Latin alphabet as standard in Indonesian language are
some of the factors why Lampung script is not a popular writing
system in Lampung. This research is trying to fill the gap between
the effort of conservation and the lack of documentation about local
script. This study uses Type Design Parameter by Mohanty to
identify and categorize Lampung script anatomy. This identification
can be guideline recommendation for Lampung script based
typography design and other purposes.