Potensi Video Sebagai Media Edukasi Batik Keraton Yogyakarta


  • Novan Edo Pratama Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Alvanov Zpalanzani Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Imam Santosa Institut Teknologi Bandung




Batik, Keraton, Educational Video, Culture, Video


Yogyakarta Palace which is a source of culture in Yogyakarta is
currently a cultural education tourism destination. By making the
Palace as a source of cultural civilization, which is expected the
culture will not eroded by the time just like the use of batik in the
palace. But, the reality that influences the rules and regulations for
the use of batik in the palace is not well understood by the people in
Yogyakarta at this time. For this reason, an educational video is
needed to preserve the batik campaign in the Yogyakarta Palace.
One of the media that promotes effectively in the Batik Keraton
social campaign is video. Because of its nature, one type of video
which is a learning video is a type of video that presents visuallistening teaching material that can be used to prepare
messages/subject matter such as culture Yogyakarta Batik Keraton.